Japan Awasake Association

Awasake to the world

Awasake is a special sparkling sake.
Produced under strict standards, Awasake is distinguished by its fine bubbles rising in a straight line.
Japan Awasake Association aims Awasake to become an alternative toast drink choice to champagne or sparkling wine throughout the world.


Japan Awasake Association
Representative Director
Nagai Sake Inc. President Noriyoshi Nagai
Sankee White Bldg. 3F, 2-29-12 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016 JAPAN
+81 3-5846-8972
+81 3-5846-8973


Feb, 2016
Established Japan Awasake Association
Nov, 2016
Starting with 9 Japanese Sake breweries joined
Mar, 2017
Launched the certification process
Apr, 2017
The first award ceremony for Awasake certification was held
Dec, 2017
2 Japanese Sake breweries joined (11 members)
Jan, 2018
2 Japanese Sake breweries joined (13 members)
Apr, 2018
1 Japanese Sake breweries joined (14 members)
Jul, 2018
1 Japanese Sake breweries joined (15 members)


Mr. Keiji Torii

Former executive vice president of Mizuho financial group

Joined the Dai-ichi Kangyou bank (currently Mizuho financial group) in 1971.
Studied at London and Swiss business schools gaining an MBA.
After the Export-Import Bank of Japan, working in Hong Kong, being sub-manager at Ginza branch office, deputy manager of securities, vice president of CIT; financial holding company in US, the managing director of US territory and New York branch manager.
He consecutively held key positions such as the executive vice president of Mizuho financial group in 2004 and vice president of Mizuho Information Research Institute.
Afterwards, he worked as an outside auditor at Itochu Corporation, Outside director of Tokyo Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. and special advisor to Salesforce.

Mr. Takeaki Ishikawa

Advisor to the Brewing Society of Japan, Ph.D.

Joined the National Tax Agency after completing a Master degree in Agriculture at Iwate University. Research and teach technical advice of Sake brewing at National Research Institute of Brewing (now as an independent administrative agency), Regional Taxation Bureau in Tokyo, Sendai, Kanazawa and Akita prefectural Institute of Brewing.
Head of the National Tax Agency Institute of Brewing in 1998. After quitting in 2000, worked as the managing director, and vice president at the Brewing Society of Japan, and then was president from September 2011 to November 2015.(
During that time he was involved in research relating to rice for Sake brewing and the creation of the Ginjo-aroma from yeast, and the selection and cultivation of yeast for the society.


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