Japan Awasake Association

Awasake to the world

Awasake is a special sparkling sake.
Produced under strict standards, Awasake is distinguished by its fine bubbles rising in a straight line.
Japan Awasake Association aims Awasake to become an alternative toast drink choice to champagne or sparkling wine throughout the world.

awasake association recognition ceremony 2018

The fiscal year 2018 awasake association recognition ceremony was held on October 17, at Happoen.
During the first section, certificates were awarded to the recognized awasake.
During the second section, awasake was introduced and spread to the general customers.
We are extremely grateful for the full-house turnout during both sessions and thank everyone for their attendance.
Two years from inception, we are blessed with the growth and support of new members, and we have taken a step forward to becoming a world-renowned celebratory alcoholic beverage.
From today we will continue our efforts, together as an association, to bring top-class awasake to everyone.

【Current Fiscal Year Newly Acknowledged Breweries】
DEWAZAKURA SAKE BREWERY CO.,LTD (Yamagata Prefecture) 出羽桜酒造(山形県)
NINKI INC. (Fukushima Prefecture) 人気酒造(福島県)
TOYOKUNI SHUZO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (Fukushima Prefecture) 豊國酒造(福島県)
YATSUSHIKA BREWERY CO., LTD. (Ōita Prefecture) 八鹿酒造(大分県)

【Current Fiscal Year New Members】
HACHINOHE SHUZOU Co., Ltd. (Aomori Prefecture) 八戸酒造(青森県)