Japan Awasake Association

Awasake to the world

Awasake is a special sparkling sake.
Produced under strict standards, Awasake is distinguished by its fine bubbles rising in a straight line.
Japan Awasake Association aims Awasake to become an alternative toast drink choice to champagne or sparkling wine throughout the world.

Held Japan Awasake association inauguration conference.

In order to spread the clear, naturally fermented Sake that maintains a constant string of bubbles "Awasake" around the world, the general incorporated association Awasake association (from hereafter "Awasake association") is established and launched.
Also today, the first general employee meeting was held at the International House of Japan (Minato, Tokyo) and Mr. Nagai Noriyoshi of Nagai Brewery was appointed as board chairman. The Awasake association will strive to make Awasake a global celebration drink on par with champagne and sparkling wine. Along with strengthening the bonds of domestic breweries, we will endeavor to promote and improve quality based on the Awasake certification standard.