Japan Awasake Association

Awasake to the world

Awasake is a special sparkling sake.
Produced under strict standards, Awasake is distinguished by its fine bubbles rising in a straight line.
Japan Awasake Association aims Awasake to become an alternative toast drink choice to champagne or sparkling wine throughout the world.

Provided Awasake at a joint event of magazines "Beautiful Kimono” and “Fujingaho”.

Awasake was provided at a joint event of magazines “Beautiful Kimono” and “Fujingaho” at Taiko-en (Toshima, Osaka City) sponsored by Hearst Fujingaho.
While a lunch banquet is served, story of a Japanese puppet theatre from Osaka and a talk show by a special guest wearing a luxury Bulgari jewelry from Italy and kimono were presented. Awasake was presented in a special event where the beauty of Japan and Europe can be appreciated.